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Our products

It is not only about what is already on offer; it is also about what other products we can procure at your request.



Our selection includes traditional regional Italian cheeses.

Our cheese makers guarantee not only the quality of the cheeses, but also their appropriate selection.

For example, we import cheeses

from the legendary producer Beppino Occelli, sheep milk cheeses from

CAU & Spada and some selected cheeses from La Casera

or Fattoria Fiandino.




We focus on seeking out only small and medium-sized trade producers who put passion, hard work and energy into their work.

Our portfolio includes Marche prosciutto and salami from the master butcher Domenico Celli and Mercatello, San Daniele ham from

La Glacere and prosciutto

from Conti. 


We are particular about the quality and origin of our meats. In our selection, you will find only verified suppliers with whom we have long-term experience. We like to cooperate with small stockbreeders who enrich our selection with Chianina, Marchigiana, Romagnola and also breeds from Corte Pizzolo.

We also import Fasson from La Granda or veal from Salumificio Bianza.


Ham & Salami


Pasta & Rice

Amongst our main suppliers of dry pasta are for example Pastificio Benedetto Cavalieri, Pastificio Artigiano Cavaliere Cocco. It is flawlessly produced to have a perfectly rough surface that sauce wonderfully sticks to, making food taste incomparably better. We import rice from Melotti, a family company that grows and processes rice in Verona. 



We may not engage in wine import,

but we do have a couple of friends whose wines we enjoy, and which the Czech market simply must not miss out on. One of them is Prosecco from Ruggeri, which was awarded a star

by Gambero Rosso. You can also have

a taste of wines from Fattoria La Magia, which produces traditional Tuscan wines; Brunello, for example, also offers BIO options.



A true Italian Christmas table simply cannot do without panettone! We have the honour of importing panettone from one of the best Italian trade producers, mister Daria Loison! We offer a truly wide range of classic Italian biscuits such as amaretti, savoiardi, or cantuccini.  We are also very proud of the chocolate from Torroneria Barbero from Asti in Piemonte, a small producer who specialises in torrone, guandujotti and many more.




We currently cooperate with three flour producers – Molino Dalla Giovanna Emilia Romagna, Molino Paolo Mariani from Marche and Molino Quaglia from Veneto. You can find many types of flour in our portfolio. Tell us what you are planning

to bake or cook and we will find the best option for you.


Confectionery Ingredients

We offer various types of nuts and nut products such as pastes, flours or grenaille from a producer in Piemonte.

We also import honey from the visionary Giorgio Poeta, who decided to let his honeys ripen in oak barrique barrels!


Tinned Products & Spices

This section offers an infinite number of various types of tinned products, from dried tomatoes and anchovies to pesto and various sauces.

Our main suppliers are Roi form Liguria, De Carlo form Apulia and La Granda Tradizioni from Piemonte.

We have also recently discovered interesting producers of vegan and gluten-free products that we have now started to import.


Olive Oil & Vinegar

We offer many recognised and

high-quality olive oils from producers such as Roi, De Carlo

or Pianogrillo form Sicily.

We are proud of the balsamic vinegars from our friend and

long-time partner Acetomodena,

who guarantees the highest quality.


If you are looking for the right Christmas, birthday or business gift, or a gift for any other occasion, we would be happy

to prepare a gift basket at your request. A beautiful wooden basket or an elegant paper box will make your gift look truly irresistible. 

Gift Baskets

Visit Our Warehouse

Come and get to know each product from our selection yourself and discover every taste, colour and smell of Italy.

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